What is RedPun?

RP or Redundant Pundit is a website dedicated to political commentary. We do not describe ourselves as journalists, and our site is not a news source. We may comment on current events but our commentary is strictly of the credited staff writer’s opinion. We try to bring the civil debate to the forefront, on both sides. However, there is a very particular side that refuses to even consent to on-the-record argument. Our writer and founder is a self-described libertarian who values the personal and federal constitution. Per our view libertarianism is not a party, nor should it be. A libertarian party goes against the whole purpose of what libertarianism stands for. Our founder describes the libertarian as the anarchist who grew up. In previous eons, the Democratic party was the party of the counter-culture. Today the alt-right has become the new alt-Rock. The parties are currently switching platforms as they have done many times and many of us are finding that the “other side” is more supportive of us. As a Chicano American, Jay (birthname Juan) McCoy believes that it is entirely possible to be an American Nationalist without being a racist nor white supremacist. In a melting pot that is Americana how can you call Nationalism, racist, when our very nation is multi-cultural? Indeed, there are white supremacists out there that have overtaken a large chunk of the alternative right wing faction but that is not where our loyalty stands. We are not any kind of hateful “ist” nor any type of “ophobe”. We are patriots and you are welcome to join us in our journey to bring moderation, logic, reasoning and the needs of WE the people back to American politics.

Thank you,

Redundant Pundit