Here is the thing about Tomi-

We should never conform to an ideological constitution. When an ideology has a strict set of beliefs to follow it is no longer an ideology but more like a religion. I can understand that a lot of right-wing conservatives may very well be Christian. As an individual, I actually tend to agree with pro-life sentiment. Now, I could very well defend Tomi with this argument here but unfortunately, the lying and the pandering is what is upsetting people. I am not going to argue about abortion per se because that is not what this controversy is about. It’s about Tomi pandering to the left when surrounded by liberals and then sucking up to the right when surrounded by conservatives. However, when is she ever surrounded by conservatives? Only on Twitter, usually. Every time I see her on t.v she is sucking up to some Liberal. If she was sucking up behind the scenes so she could get on their shows to challenge them that would be different but she is not. She is getting onto their shows and conceding her values and convictions to have a little face time. THAT is what is wrong with Tomi.