What I learned in Politics 101

What I learned in Politics 101

By Jay McCoy

 Part of a series on Literary Bias in Academia.

“Men are toxic and need to get the hell out the way because women have had ENOUGH”

Apparently, men, especially white men, are to blame for everything according to my former Politics teacher. “This is the one thing I will be completely biased on,” he said. “Wow, this should be great.” I thought, still not realizing I had a smartphone in my pocket nor that I should probably use the camera app right about now. I was smart enough to write down what he said that day in my notes, and file a complaint with the Sociology Department’s Dean of Students (DOS) that of course went nowhere. “Sexism in this country has prevailed too long, women do not get paid what they deserve and men continue to dominate society.” Funny, considering nearly every non-instructional staff member at my school is a woman without a degree and more than ¾ of our instructors are females, fewer of them actually being Professors than their male counterparts. Every employee from the janitors to the cashiers at the snack line is a woman. The librarians are women. The security guards are men, though as are the grounds keepers and there’s a single man who works at the library, mostly doing the physical parts of the job like stocking books. Not exactly the straightest club in the duffle if I say so myself. Admissions are women, student financial aid is all female, and the majority of our guidance counselors are of the fairer sex. At every single eatery around the main campus, it is usually a woman working during the busiest shifts and in the management positions. There are a couple of men who take turns panhandling on the interstate and outside of Wal-Mart, however. Yet, it is the women who are being oppressed. Why? According to this shocking statistic shared by my former teacher, one out of four homeless people is women. How awful! Those poor women making up the majority of homeless living… wait a second… To the average uneducated freshman mind this might pass as proof that the oppressive patriarchy exists, but to me, I see it as 3 out of 4 homeless people are men. The teacher goes on to talk about sweat shops in Burma and Indonesia as if that has anything to do with Western patriarchy. A noticeable theme of “men are toxic and need to realize that women are oftentimes more capable than they are” and I quote verbatim, has taken over today’s lecture. So I swallow my anxiety (I have a very irrational public speaking phobia but I spoke up anyway), “Is this not just reversed sexism? Or just sexism, I mean, you’re talking about tipping the scales.” One very pissed off female in the corner quips, “Maybe we NEED to tip the scales to see true equality.” “No, we don’t,” I replied. The teacher gives me a stern look and without answering my question he smugly chuckles and says, “Name one time America has truly been equal.” I stammer and say, “uh, I don’t know you tell me?” Everyone laughs. Wait, do they think I’m advocating for inequality? I’m asking for true equality, so I interrupt the teacher’s snark laughter and tell him as much. My teacher replies, “Seriously name one time.” “It’s irrelevant to my question,” I respond. He doesn’t even answer, he and the mostly liberal class roars with laughter at MY incompetence. (I already know they’re liberal, they praise the globalist policies of Obama and bash Trump all the time).

Republicans are racist because of things that Democrats did, but it’s okay we switched platforms


After the teacher showed us some models and graphs on the pay gap, (in Burma, something about sewing machines and government funded business loans, i.e socialized means of production which he failed to articulate yet still referred to as a “wonderful exercise in egalitarian policy”) we moved on to Civil Rights. The teacher shot me an odd look as he talked again, about race equality. I don’t know what that was about, I guess I’m the class bigot now despite being the only gay Chicano in the class, possibly the school. I mean, I’m probably the only person on this particular campus that actually identifies as not only both of those things but as a Chicano or Hispano alone. Most of them call themselves Mexican even if they are born in the States, or they call themselves Hispanic, which is a PC liberal term, not a name we have given ourselves. So that should say a lot right there, despite my fair skin and Scottish surname I actually identify as an Hispano, yet I’m still the sexist white male, according to actual ignorant white males who don’t think people are allowed to name their own culture. We watched a video on Bull Connor, the racist Democrat who turned hoses and dogs on black people who tried to sit in the “white section” of a restaurant. The only thing was, our teacher said nothing about Bull being a Democrat nor about Democrats being strongly opposed to the civil rights movement. In fact, he lied and said the exact opposite. After showing us the video on Bull Connor he went on a very long rant about the history of racism in the GOP. He even talked about the KKK, a Democratic group who called themselves “ghosts of Confederates” and who hung pictures of James Booth at their meetings and called Republicans “Negroe saviors”. Though, I found that information using Google. According to my teacher, the KKK was a Republican invention.

“Patriots are Fascists and Populists are Nazis”

Yes, I quote this in verbatim. No, I am not exaggerating. Yes, this is as cliché as cliché gets. Our teacher told a class with five veterans that patriots are Fascists. I being both a patriot and a populist libertarian, cringed. Nobody else seemed to give a shit. There was ONE veteran classmate who was pissed about it but that came later. Our teacher just told a class of impressionable freshman that loving your country is synonymous with Fascism. People wrote this down in their notebooks! I was already done before this point but now I was ready to file a complaint. I was steaming angry, but because I support ALL speech as free speech, I sat and listened until class was over. He kept us five minutes late to talk about Russian ties within the Trump administration and how this proves that Trump is Hitler. His actual sentiment!


Complaints go nowhere on a liberal campus unless you’re complaining about something not being liberal enough.

The DOS contacted me the day after I filed my complaint. Not only did the complaint pretty much get laughed at, I was basically lied to. The DOS excused my teacher’s sexist behavior as “factual because he had charts and everything”, again, missed the point, I was advocating for true equality (for men and women) not inequality, but she pretty much just opted to not believe me about the Fascist and Nazi rhetoric. “He keeps it under wraps, and does a good job, but he’s actually a conservative too.” First off, I’m more of a libertarian, but that doesn’t even matter because conservative or not he was promoting a liberal bias in his classroom. He called patriots freaking Fascists! Whatever, I was told I could drop the class but wouldn’t get my money back unless I tried to talk to him. She told me to wait the weekend and decide if I wanted to drop the class or appeal for a monetary refund. I, being the rebel I am, decided that my convictions were more important than $65. I decided to drop the class, besides I was disgusted with him at this point I didn’t even want to sit down and chat. He laughed at me last time, so why should I? I decided to drop the class on Monday. In true Liberal bias sleaze, I found out the deadline to drop classes was that Friday, the day I got off the phone with the same DOS who told me to wait the weekend. There was nothing I could do. I had to file an appeal to get the class dropped, and was graded for the full class. The teacher, of course, didn’t drop me despite me clearly not showing up to class ever again. My 4.0 GPA was dropped to a 2.6 which is barely just above requirements to meet the “Good Standing” status needed to qualify for grants, scholarships, and loans. I’ve only been a conservative student for a single semester and I’m already being shafted from all directions. Can you believe, liberals still wonder why we don’t like them? They lie, they hold resources over our heads, they control academia, and they bully students who don’t mindlessly regurgitate often false or misleading information onto multiple choice, hundred dollar level “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” type tests. Yet they have the gall to call us Fascists. Nazis, toxic, racists and dump their long history of bigotry and vitriol on our laps. My appeal will probably go through, but this will be something that sticks with me the rest of my life. After what happened this semester I never want to hear a liberal complain about bias again. I could lose scholarships and Dean’s List opportunities because of this. That’s the liberal mindset for you, use the system against the people who actually pay into it.


Part of a series on Conservative Poetry. Liberal “artists” do NOT own intellectual creativity. We are the voice of the next cultural revolution! 


“Raise your hand if you support abortion”


And god be damned if every single liberal freshman in politics 101 didn’t raise their hand.


“And if you don’t, aw okay, no one,”

And then he looked over at me. My hand proudly in the air.


“Okay, so one.”

A discussion on women’s right ensued. Her body, her choice. The right of the body inside her is just a lump of cells after all. The body you have as well when they want to silence you. It’s just a zygote. We suck it out, and it’s like it never happened. A human life that never happened. A mistake that never happened. When is the limit of abortion? Six months at the highest most extreme circumstance. They still want to go higher. How high can you go?

7 months. I have friends who were born premature and are happily living, married, or divorced, with their own children today. 8 months, I have a sister who was born at this time. 9 months. Would you like to get an abortion at 9 months?

It’s just a lump of cells. The ONE cell found in a nearly billion-year-old rock at the bottom of the ocean is LIFE. The body inside you is a lump, a blob, a mistake and I have no right to judge. I have no right to say a thing because that would be sexist and sexism is hate speech, which is about to be aborted from the constitution, in its own right.


“Statistics show that abortion actually reduces crime in high-risk neighborhoods”

Yet my rhetoric is low key racism? This is eugenics. Hitler would be proud, in fact, this was his idea. You can look it up, on the same site you told me to look up your statistics. Of course, it lowers crime, you don’t have to worry about crime when you prevent a fraction of all people in a certain community from being born. You don’t have to worry about doctors, lawyers, reverends, volunteers or anything else for that matter. Your choice empowers you but it oppresses the ones who truly matter. The future.


Kill your kids and make me pay for it. You have the right to make mistakes and not accept responsibility.  I have the right to shut the fuck up.


Divisive Democracy- Introduction

Divisive Democracy: How Division in America Unites Hatred
By Jay McCoy


In the Russian Federation people watch TV. In Socialist America TV watches people.
I think humor will help unite Americans, as it always has. One punch line, meme and political cartoon at a time.

Popular consensus today dictates half of our country as evil, hateful, Rusky loving monsters; vis-à-vis the adversarial partisan sees them as evil, hateful, Marxist loving monsters. Excuse the involuntary literary eye roll, I’m sure you can see my eyes spinning through your Wi-Fi connection. One side wants socialist handouts while the other side wants to restore American pride as if we can’t have both in a fairly distributed way, this is a trick employed by big Gov’t. Orwell describes this as a “doublethought”; the simultaneous belief in two contradictory ideas to distract you from any potential resolution. Lo and behold our Capitalist nation has a third value option, about 5 million outliers want to smoke weed, recycle and stay out of the drama. “I don’t even vote, bro, it’s not like it counts anyway”. I call this the red, white and the blue effect. The other side is always the bad side. “We are the liberators,” cry the liberals from the town hall. “We are the classic liberators” cry the conservatives from the rally. “You’re all a bunch of RINOs and hypocrites,” tweets the libertarian between puffs of the recreational joint.
Are people to blame or is it ideology that has gotten us so mixed up? When you really break down American politics and the two-party system it’s a fundamental want for one of two packages. The blue banner establishment wants big government, globalism, and universal care. The red striped conservative belt wants smaller government, fewer taxes, and job growth. The white star-studded revolutionary just kind of wants to smoke weed and call everyone else an idiot, even though they are the best of both worlds and capable of causing actual change. Libertarians are young and energetic, in or fresh out of college and rebellious. The Republicans are older people who actually vote and who surprisingly agree with us on nearly everything. The Democrats do nothing but implode and send minority representatives to sweep up the mess and recover their rightfully lost constituents. Those kinds of constituents are the most valuable because they influence their fellow ‘peasants’ to stay or to sway.

I want Nationalism but nationalist pride is RACIST. I want free healthcare but free stuff is SOCIALIST. I want no taxes but we need taxes to fund the socialism and silence the racists. What about a personal constitution that dictates we can have all of that in a much more practical way and some?

Compromise is key but greedy, overindulgent, spoiled millennials seem to be incapable of moderation and this is why we here at the RP are here to hand you the wrench and tell you “Throw it or turn it, a tool is a tool.” As long as they don’t use you, use it and make this world a better place for the next generation. These new kids coming in (Gen Z) want the same things we do but they have been dumbed-down and raised under a 100% Orwellian household. We will give them the change that Obama failed to deliver us by all constitutional means necessary.
Our constitution guarantees us the right to pursue happiness and we all want it. We all have our own personal definition of the American dream and our own personal constitution. Johnny’s American dream includes people of all races and colors unless those people happen to vote (R). Karen’s American dream includes people of all races and colors unless those people happen to vote (D). It’s this “doublethought” that dictates our political decisions, I want freedom but their freedom offends me. If your American dream includes you and your family and doesn’t account for strangers well then you are just “selfish” (according to the globalist) even though that’s probably the only right answer.

The media ruins lives but multi-millionaires are crucial to informing the republic and instilling transparency in democracy. The whistle-blowers are American heroes but the media says the main one is a rapist (Julian Assange). I want small media but my local libertarian free press rapport doesn’t have a blue check-mark next to its name on Twitter. The constitution guarantees my right to use free speech, therefore, I use my free speech to silence you. Even though we want the same things just in slightly different ways.

I can’t sit here and blame American division on any one group of people because I would be abandoning my own personal constitution if I did. I can say that we all lost the election. Hillary Clinton didn’t run for Democrats she ran as a Democrat for herself. Donald Trump didn’t run for Republicans he ran as a Republican for the reformed right wing. In my personal view, I think that is awesome because he is the first president to run for us. I want to make America great again so I can wear a red hat that says just that without being labeled a ‘racist’. Today another person might steal my hat, spit in my face and push me to the ground. I tell this personal anecdote to friends and family and “that’s what you get for inciting hate.” A woman walks by me wearing a shirt that says “I’m with her” and I get told off for being a privileged white male, even though I’m Hispanic, and she is the white person inciting hatred and divisive vitriol. The liberal protester refers to my darker skinned family members as POCs or PEOPLE OF COLOR. A news reporter referred to black people as colored people and the world stopped for an entire week.

The alt-right libertarian has become a forgotten, labeled distraction, the independent who was finally given a “real” letter. (L) “That makes you a real boy now”, says the puppeteer pulling the same invisible strings as before.

This kind of “doublethought” is what fosters division. It’s a living, breathing, walking, talking hypocrisy. I never felt like I could ever be a Republican. I was always told I was the liberal. I see other so-called liberals from the Bush years being called conservatives today and I don’t believe that all these people changed their beliefs so radically overnight. Basic logic and reasoning tell me that the party switched sides, again, as it’s done many times. We simply had the rug ripped from under us and it certainly doesn’t help when truly deplorable people refuse to let go of their hateful beliefs. It’s a form of cherry picking for the left when they cite the “real” fascists and it’s a form of irony for the right when they refuse to denounce the racists they disagree with out of the refusal to censor free speech. Is the rejection of political correctness to blame or is it the lack of understanding on both sides of the aisle?
I would say we are living in a civil war being fought through social interaction. It’s not as deadly as one fought with conventional weapons but in my opinion, it is worse because it still eventually leads to violence and harassment. In a real civil war, you get shot and die on the battlefield. Eventually, one side will win and we all move on. In today’s civil war, conflicts last indefinitely. There is no relief. You log out of Twitter and punch into work only to get drawn back into a conversation about our ‘white supremacist’ president. You gently explain that no civil rights are being taken away from women and suddenly you’re a sexist. Before you know it, your relationships have reset and all the women in the office hate you for voicing your opinion. I’d rather be shot on the battlefield.

Genocide, from the Booth (Poem)

Part of a series on Conservative Poetry. Liberal “artists” do NOT own intellectual creativity. We are the voice of the next cultural revolution! 


American men are no longer allowed to opine

“They man-splain,” the 3rd wave feminist whines

American men can no longer be ill and it’s true

Feminist studies declare men are weak and succumb to man flu

White liberal woman are now minorities, and only misogynists get married

They outnumber us worldwide yet we are the oppressors

American men panhandle thanks to George W and good ol’ Barry

Illegally migrated men go to work and come home to suppress HER

Jihad, welfare, abortions and Brazillian waxes

Your socialist politics are funded using conservative’s taxes

American men might call you a slut, grab your ass and then slap it

But the terrorist will cover your head, slash it with an ax or a hatchet

He called her a whore but Donald Trump never splashed Marla with Acid

Bill Clinton isn’t a drug using rapist, he never inhaled besides, he is flaccid

PizzaGate is a conspiracy but the Russian narrative is ‘truth’?

Keep your eyes wide because politicians commit GENOCIDE, from the booth

-Jay McCoy @redundantpundit #WorldPoetryDay

Literary Bias in Academia (Introduction)

During my own time as a ‘leftist’ (more like a classical liberal but let me just simplify for argument’s sake) I had read a powerful book that sent me down an exacerbating journey. Righteous Indignation by Andrew Breitbart. It opened my mind to the fact that literary bias does, in fact, exist in academia. Later on, this led me down a winding path of political moderation, libertarianism and the final pulling of the proverbial lever so to speak. “The conservative right is the new counter-culture,” echo multiple young conservative leaders. Earlier this month when I went to rent/order the book from my campus library I wasn’t so much shocked as I was thoroughly disgusted. What a fitting first chapter in my quest for political and intellectual solace and redemption. The book I sought on literary bias in academia in an ironic “twist” of fate was effectively blacklisted from the campus library. The librarian offered up an alternative electronically forced fed into my academic IV, a book with a similar title written by a Marxist citing author. At this point, the moderate inside me was filling with rage; the civil conflict of American politics had come to my doorstep, rang the doorbell, and left a flaming bag full of dog shit on my welcome mat. God be damned if I wasn’t going to stomp it out and chase down the bastards behind this insidious prank on patriotic, libertarian, all-American sensibilities.

“This is book burning 2.0, folks!”- Alex Jones

My right to freedom of speech was being attacked from every angle. This book suddenly meant a lot more to me than a relaxing, weekend, re-read. It symbolized the one thing I would be willing to live and die for aside from my own blood. Social Liberty. It is a depressing and cloudy day in America when you cannot read a book because people don’t like it; meanwhile, soldiers are being sent to war to fight and die for your right to do just that. I was the first male in my family, ever, to not serve in any branch of the military. I was rejected a few years prior because of my problems with asthma. My father, grandfather, great-grandfather and so on all fought for my freedoms at one point. I am not about to stand back and allow it to be stripped from me. Today it starts with a book, tomorrow it’s your money, your car, your allegiance, your life. As I did research on literary bias in America Vault 7 (WikiLeaks) was released to the public. I couldn’t help but feel a comparison. These issues for me weren’t shocking per se, we all know what goes on behind closed doors in big Gov’t. It was more about the so-called “conspiracy theory” becoming confirmed fact. Vault 7 inspired me to take action against this travesty.

“No more,” says the peasant before the tank flattens him like a red communist flag.

As we know the website Breitbart, has recently been re-labeled “fake news” by critics and former supporters alike. However, Andrew died of a heart attack in 2012. So how can we blacklist his literature for political reasons? His literature bears no relation to the white supremacists on the commenting sections of the site that merely quote him out of context! I left the Breitbart site alone because, as a Hispanic American, some of the nastiest people I have ever met on the internet patronized and harassed me. The RP is a direct response to extremist ideas on the Alt-Right and the Liberal Left. These problems did not even begin to arise until Andrew’s death. Andrew was the chairman of GOProud, a conservative gay and lesbian organization. He appeared on many shows relating to black issues and supported black activist movements to their core. He supported Herman Caine in 2012. He introduced true progressive ideas to the conservative mind.

The alt-right are now labeled as angry, deplorable, white supremacists, yet it was intended to fight against that very dangerous mindset from day one. The mainstream media has pulled a Robin Hood for the true racists out there in the political realm and the constituency. They took the Breitbart identity and gave it to the minority ironically making the view mainstream (in context). How can you blame a dead man for any of this? You can’t, it is just another spin of propagandist rhetoric employed by the mainstream machine to trick people into believing the truest of libertarians are comparable to “Nazi zombies” from Call of Duty. “Shoot them all! Shut them all down,” screams the communist through the megaphone standing on his soapbox. Who are the real fascists, after all? Last time I checked the Republican Party belonged to the republic so why are donations being funneled through elite interest groups? Oh wait, that’s the ‘Democratic’ party. Silly me, even as Obama voters, many of us neo-right wingers found ourselves laughing at Pelosi and Clinton’s ignorance, even if we did inevitably follow them into the voting booth. This is an example of “reluctant voting” and it’s disgusting. No one should ever have to vote for any candidate (Clinton nor Trump) out of pure spite. At least I can say one thing about the Deplorables and Keks, they truly believe in the American way. The politically “correct” left can’t even decide on what is appropriate to label as the “American Dream” in the first place. God, forbid we use our right of free speech to make a politically incorrect ‘mistake’. Which party decides what is and isn’t politically correct in a bipartisan system?

Funny enough, the rejection, ignorance, and blacklisting of his literature prove his very point. If people want to stand up to Breitbart they should stock his books and allow young people to make up their own minds. The reason they do not is simple when people actually give Andrew’s books a chance they immediately realize what his objective was truly about, opposed to the posthumous tropes applied to his political aura. This simply is NOT fair. Even with FAFSA, the average student who pays for their education via private and Stafford Loans does not deserve to be patronized. We are young adults and we deserve the right to make up our own mind. As I walk into my campus library there is a case of featured books on the liberal arts, female sexuality, transgenderism and grass-roots in the Democratic Party. Even the Clinton museum has the decency to sell George W. Bush buttons for its Republican guests! Why is the right, specifically the alt-right, chastised in the academic setting?

Many younger millennials are strongly identifying with the Libertarian party. The (L) party has become a symbol for young moderates who value social liberties and small government. That is the definition of the alternative right-wing if I have ever seen it, however, the mainstream media and academia treat the (L) party and constituents as nothing more than Independents and pot-heads. While I do concede the “Pot-atarian” has become a problem for political branding, this is hardly an accurate nor fair depiction of our young future doctors, lawyers, governors, mayors, senators, presidents, and engineers. We need to stop patronizing, lambasting, berating and thought policing our youth. We need to allow young people to make up their minds and it all starts with giving them access to literature that may contain opposing views. Just because the country appears civilly divided, it does not mean we have to embrace this mind state. It is not okay for students to feel caught in the middle of a political cold war!

-Jay McCoy, Staff Writer and Founder of RedundantPundit.com

Join us in the following weeks and months as we cover literary bias in America and please do share your own stories. If you would like your story featured, please contact us via the contact page!