What I learned in Politics 101

What I learned in Politics 101

By Jay McCoy

 Part of a series on Literary Bias in Academia.

“Men are toxic and need to get the hell out the way because women have had ENOUGH”

Apparently, men, especially white men, are to blame for everything according to my former Politics teacher. “This is the one thing I will be completely biased on,” he said. “Wow, this should be great.” I thought, still not realizing I had a smartphone in my pocket nor that I should probably use the camera app right about now. I was smart enough to write down what he said that day in my notes, and file a complaint with the Sociology Department’s Dean of Students (DOS) that of course went nowhere. “Sexism in this country has prevailed too long, women do not get paid what they deserve and men continue to dominate society.” Funny, considering nearly every non-instructional staff member at my school is a woman without a degree and more than ¾ of our instructors are females, fewer of them actually being Professors than their male counterparts. Every employee from the janitors to the cashiers at the snack line is a woman. The librarians are women. The security guards are men, though as are the grounds keepers and there’s a single man who works at the library, mostly doing the physical parts of the job like stocking books. Not exactly the straightest club in the duffle if I say so myself. Admissions are women, student financial aid is all female, and the majority of our guidance counselors are of the fairer sex. At every single eatery around the main campus, it is usually a woman working during the busiest shifts and in the management positions. There are a couple of men who take turns panhandling on the interstate and outside of Wal-Mart, however. Yet, it is the women who are being oppressed. Why? According to this shocking statistic shared by my former teacher, one out of four homeless people is women. How awful! Those poor women making up the majority of homeless living… wait a second… To the average uneducated freshman mind this might pass as proof that the oppressive patriarchy exists, but to me, I see it as 3 out of 4 homeless people are men. The teacher goes on to talk about sweat shops in Burma and Indonesia as if that has anything to do with Western patriarchy. A noticeable theme of “men are toxic and need to realize that women are oftentimes more capable than they are” and I quote verbatim, has taken over today’s lecture. So I swallow my anxiety (I have a very irrational public speaking phobia but I spoke up anyway), “Is this not just reversed sexism? Or just sexism, I mean, you’re talking about tipping the scales.” One very pissed off female in the corner quips, “Maybe we NEED to tip the scales to see true equality.” “No, we don’t,” I replied. The teacher gives me a stern look and without answering my question he smugly chuckles and says, “Name one time America has truly been equal.” I stammer and say, “uh, I don’t know you tell me?” Everyone laughs. Wait, do they think I’m advocating for inequality? I’m asking for true equality, so I interrupt the teacher’s snark laughter and tell him as much. My teacher replies, “Seriously name one time.” “It’s irrelevant to my question,” I respond. He doesn’t even answer, he and the mostly liberal class roars with laughter at MY incompetence. (I already know they’re liberal, they praise the globalist policies of Obama and bash Trump all the time).

Republicans are racist because of things that Democrats did, but it’s okay we switched platforms


After the teacher showed us some models and graphs on the pay gap, (in Burma, something about sewing machines and government funded business loans, i.e socialized means of production which he failed to articulate yet still referred to as a “wonderful exercise in egalitarian policy”) we moved on to Civil Rights. The teacher shot me an odd look as he talked again, about race equality. I don’t know what that was about, I guess I’m the class bigot now despite being the only gay Chicano in the class, possibly the school. I mean, I’m probably the only person on this particular campus that actually identifies as not only both of those things but as a Chicano or Hispano alone. Most of them call themselves Mexican even if they are born in the States, or they call themselves Hispanic, which is a PC liberal term, not a name we have given ourselves. So that should say a lot right there, despite my fair skin and Scottish surname I actually identify as an Hispano, yet I’m still the sexist white male, according to actual ignorant white males who don’t think people are allowed to name their own culture. We watched a video on Bull Connor, the racist Democrat who turned hoses and dogs on black people who tried to sit in the “white section” of a restaurant. The only thing was, our teacher said nothing about Bull being a Democrat nor about Democrats being strongly opposed to the civil rights movement. In fact, he lied and said the exact opposite. After showing us the video on Bull Connor he went on a very long rant about the history of racism in the GOP. He even talked about the KKK, a Democratic group who called themselves “ghosts of Confederates” and who hung pictures of James Booth at their meetings and called Republicans “Negroe saviors”. Though, I found that information using Google. According to my teacher, the KKK was a Republican invention.

“Patriots are Fascists and Populists are Nazis”

Yes, I quote this in verbatim. No, I am not exaggerating. Yes, this is as cliché as cliché gets. Our teacher told a class with five veterans that patriots are Fascists. I being both a patriot and a populist libertarian, cringed. Nobody else seemed to give a shit. There was ONE veteran classmate who was pissed about it but that came later. Our teacher just told a class of impressionable freshman that loving your country is synonymous with Fascism. People wrote this down in their notebooks! I was already done before this point but now I was ready to file a complaint. I was steaming angry, but because I support ALL speech as free speech, I sat and listened until class was over. He kept us five minutes late to talk about Russian ties within the Trump administration and how this proves that Trump is Hitler. His actual sentiment!


Complaints go nowhere on a liberal campus unless you’re complaining about something not being liberal enough.

The DOS contacted me the day after I filed my complaint. Not only did the complaint pretty much get laughed at, I was basically lied to. The DOS excused my teacher’s sexist behavior as “factual because he had charts and everything”, again, missed the point, I was advocating for true equality (for men and women) not inequality, but she pretty much just opted to not believe me about the Fascist and Nazi rhetoric. “He keeps it under wraps, and does a good job, but he’s actually a conservative too.” First off, I’m more of a libertarian, but that doesn’t even matter because conservative or not he was promoting a liberal bias in his classroom. He called patriots freaking Fascists! Whatever, I was told I could drop the class but wouldn’t get my money back unless I tried to talk to him. She told me to wait the weekend and decide if I wanted to drop the class or appeal for a monetary refund. I, being the rebel I am, decided that my convictions were more important than $65. I decided to drop the class, besides I was disgusted with him at this point I didn’t even want to sit down and chat. He laughed at me last time, so why should I? I decided to drop the class on Monday. In true Liberal bias sleaze, I found out the deadline to drop classes was that Friday, the day I got off the phone with the same DOS who told me to wait the weekend. There was nothing I could do. I had to file an appeal to get the class dropped, and was graded for the full class. The teacher, of course, didn’t drop me despite me clearly not showing up to class ever again. My 4.0 GPA was dropped to a 2.6 which is barely just above requirements to meet the “Good Standing” status needed to qualify for grants, scholarships, and loans. I’ve only been a conservative student for a single semester and I’m already being shafted from all directions. Can you believe, liberals still wonder why we don’t like them? They lie, they hold resources over our heads, they control academia, and they bully students who don’t mindlessly regurgitate often false or misleading information onto multiple choice, hundred dollar level “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” type tests. Yet they have the gall to call us Fascists. Nazis, toxic, racists and dump their long history of bigotry and vitriol on our laps. My appeal will probably go through, but this will be something that sticks with me the rest of my life. After what happened this semester I never want to hear a liberal complain about bias again. I could lose scholarships and Dean’s List opportunities because of this. That’s the liberal mindset for you, use the system against the people who actually pay into it.

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