Part of a series on Conservative Poetry. Liberal “artists” do NOT own intellectual creativity. We are the voice of the next cultural revolution! 


“Raise your hand if you support abortion”


And god be damned if every single liberal freshman in politics 101 didn’t raise their hand.


“And if you don’t, aw okay, no one,”

And then he looked over at me. My hand proudly in the air.


“Okay, so one.”

A discussion on women’s right ensued. Her body, her choice. The right of the body inside her is just a lump of cells after all. The body you have as well when they want to silence you. It’s just a zygote. We suck it out, and it’s like it never happened. A human life that never happened. A mistake that never happened. When is the limit of abortion? Six months at the highest most extreme circumstance. They still want to go higher. How high can you go?

7 months. I have friends who were born premature and are happily living, married, or divorced, with their own children today. 8 months, I have a sister who was born at this time. 9 months. Would you like to get an abortion at 9 months?

It’s just a lump of cells. The ONE cell found in a nearly billion-year-old rock at the bottom of the ocean is LIFE. The body inside you is a lump, a blob, a mistake and I have no right to judge. I have no right to say a thing because that would be sexist and sexism is hate speech, which is about to be aborted from the constitution, in its own right.


“Statistics show that abortion actually reduces crime in high-risk neighborhoods”

Yet my rhetoric is low key racism? This is eugenics. Hitler would be proud, in fact, this was his idea. You can look it up, on the same site you told me to look up your statistics. Of course, it lowers crime, you don’t have to worry about crime when you prevent a fraction of all people in a certain community from being born. You don’t have to worry about doctors, lawyers, reverends, volunteers or anything else for that matter. Your choice empowers you but it oppresses the ones who truly matter. The future.


Kill your kids and make me pay for it. You have the right to make mistakes and not accept responsibility.  I have the right to shut the fuck up.


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