Divisive Democracy- Introduction

Divisive Democracy: How Division in America Unites Hatred
By Jay McCoy


In the Russian Federation people watch TV. In Socialist America TV watches people.
I think humor will help unite Americans, as it always has. One punch line, meme and political cartoon at a time.

Popular consensus today dictates half of our country as evil, hateful, Rusky loving monsters; vis-à-vis the adversarial partisan sees them as evil, hateful, Marxist loving monsters. Excuse the involuntary literary eye roll, I’m sure you can see my eyes spinning through your Wi-Fi connection. One side wants socialist handouts while the other side wants to restore American pride as if we can’t have both in a fairly distributed way, this is a trick employed by big Gov’t. Orwell describes this as a “doublethought”; the simultaneous belief in two contradictory ideas to distract you from any potential resolution. Lo and behold our Capitalist nation has a third value option, about 5 million outliers want to smoke weed, recycle and stay out of the drama. “I don’t even vote, bro, it’s not like it counts anyway”. I call this the red, white and the blue effect. The other side is always the bad side. “We are the liberators,” cry the liberals from the town hall. “We are the classic liberators” cry the conservatives from the rally. “You’re all a bunch of RINOs and hypocrites,” tweets the libertarian between puffs of the recreational joint.
Are people to blame or is it ideology that has gotten us so mixed up? When you really break down American politics and the two-party system it’s a fundamental want for one of two packages. The blue banner establishment wants big government, globalism, and universal care. The red striped conservative belt wants smaller government, fewer taxes, and job growth. The white star-studded revolutionary just kind of wants to smoke weed and call everyone else an idiot, even though they are the best of both worlds and capable of causing actual change. Libertarians are young and energetic, in or fresh out of college and rebellious. The Republicans are older people who actually vote and who surprisingly agree with us on nearly everything. The Democrats do nothing but implode and send minority representatives to sweep up the mess and recover their rightfully lost constituents. Those kinds of constituents are the most valuable because they influence their fellow ‘peasants’ to stay or to sway.

I want Nationalism but nationalist pride is RACIST. I want free healthcare but free stuff is SOCIALIST. I want no taxes but we need taxes to fund the socialism and silence the racists. What about a personal constitution that dictates we can have all of that in a much more practical way and some?

Compromise is key but greedy, overindulgent, spoiled millennials seem to be incapable of moderation and this is why we here at the RP are here to hand you the wrench and tell you “Throw it or turn it, a tool is a tool.” As long as they don’t use you, use it and make this world a better place for the next generation. These new kids coming in (Gen Z) want the same things we do but they have been dumbed-down and raised under a 100% Orwellian household. We will give them the change that Obama failed to deliver us by all constitutional means necessary.
Our constitution guarantees us the right to pursue happiness and we all want it. We all have our own personal definition of the American dream and our own personal constitution. Johnny’s American dream includes people of all races and colors unless those people happen to vote (R). Karen’s American dream includes people of all races and colors unless those people happen to vote (D). It’s this “doublethought” that dictates our political decisions, I want freedom but their freedom offends me. If your American dream includes you and your family and doesn’t account for strangers well then you are just “selfish” (according to the globalist) even though that’s probably the only right answer.

The media ruins lives but multi-millionaires are crucial to informing the republic and instilling transparency in democracy. The whistle-blowers are American heroes but the media says the main one is a rapist (Julian Assange). I want small media but my local libertarian free press rapport doesn’t have a blue check-mark next to its name on Twitter. The constitution guarantees my right to use free speech, therefore, I use my free speech to silence you. Even though we want the same things just in slightly different ways.

I can’t sit here and blame American division on any one group of people because I would be abandoning my own personal constitution if I did. I can say that we all lost the election. Hillary Clinton didn’t run for Democrats she ran as a Democrat for herself. Donald Trump didn’t run for Republicans he ran as a Republican for the reformed right wing. In my personal view, I think that is awesome because he is the first president to run for us. I want to make America great again so I can wear a red hat that says just that without being labeled a ‘racist’. Today another person might steal my hat, spit in my face and push me to the ground. I tell this personal anecdote to friends and family and “that’s what you get for inciting hate.” A woman walks by me wearing a shirt that says “I’m with her” and I get told off for being a privileged white male, even though I’m Hispanic, and she is the white person inciting hatred and divisive vitriol. The liberal protester refers to my darker skinned family members as POCs or PEOPLE OF COLOR. A news reporter referred to black people as colored people and the world stopped for an entire week.

The alt-right libertarian has become a forgotten, labeled distraction, the independent who was finally given a “real” letter. (L) “That makes you a real boy now”, says the puppeteer pulling the same invisible strings as before.

This kind of “doublethought” is what fosters division. It’s a living, breathing, walking, talking hypocrisy. I never felt like I could ever be a Republican. I was always told I was the liberal. I see other so-called liberals from the Bush years being called conservatives today and I don’t believe that all these people changed their beliefs so radically overnight. Basic logic and reasoning tell me that the party switched sides, again, as it’s done many times. We simply had the rug ripped from under us and it certainly doesn’t help when truly deplorable people refuse to let go of their hateful beliefs. It’s a form of cherry picking for the left when they cite the “real” fascists and it’s a form of irony for the right when they refuse to denounce the racists they disagree with out of the refusal to censor free speech. Is the rejection of political correctness to blame or is it the lack of understanding on both sides of the aisle?
I would say we are living in a civil war being fought through social interaction. It’s not as deadly as one fought with conventional weapons but in my opinion, it is worse because it still eventually leads to violence and harassment. In a real civil war, you get shot and die on the battlefield. Eventually, one side will win and we all move on. In today’s civil war, conflicts last indefinitely. There is no relief. You log out of Twitter and punch into work only to get drawn back into a conversation about our ‘white supremacist’ president. You gently explain that no civil rights are being taken away from women and suddenly you’re a sexist. Before you know it, your relationships have reset and all the women in the office hate you for voicing your opinion. I’d rather be shot on the battlefield.

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