Genocide, from the Booth (Poem)

Part of a series on Conservative Poetry. Liberal “artists” do NOT own intellectual creativity. We are the voice of the next cultural revolution! 


American men are no longer allowed to opine

“They man-splain,” the 3rd wave feminist whines

American men can no longer be ill and it’s true

Feminist studies declare men are weak and succumb to man flu

White liberal woman are now minorities, and only misogynists get married

They outnumber us worldwide yet we are the oppressors

American men panhandle thanks to George W and good ol’ Barry

Illegally migrated men go to work and come home to suppress HER

Jihad, welfare, abortions and Brazillian waxes

Your socialist politics are funded using conservative’s taxes

American men might call you a slut, grab your ass and then slap it

But the terrorist will cover your head, slash it with an ax or a hatchet

He called her a whore but Donald Trump never splashed Marla with Acid

Bill Clinton isn’t a drug using rapist, he never inhaled besides, he is flaccid

PizzaGate is a conspiracy but the Russian narrative is ‘truth’?

Keep your eyes wide because politicians commit GENOCIDE, from the booth

-Jay McCoy @redundantpundit #WorldPoetryDay

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