Literary Bias in Academia (Introduction)

During my own time as a ‘leftist’ (more like a classical liberal but let me just simplify for argument’s sake) I had read a powerful book that sent me down an exacerbating journey. Righteous Indignation by Andrew Breitbart. It opened my mind to the fact that literary bias does, in fact, exist in academia. Later on, this led me down a winding path of political moderation, libertarianism and the final pulling of the proverbial lever so to speak. “The conservative right is the new counter-culture,” echo multiple young conservative leaders. Earlier this month when I went to rent/order the book from my campus library I wasn’t so much shocked as I was thoroughly disgusted. What a fitting first chapter in my quest for political and intellectual solace and redemption. The book I sought on literary bias in academia in an ironic “twist” of fate was effectively blacklisted from the campus library. The librarian offered up an alternative electronically forced fed into my academic IV, a book with a similar title written by a Marxist citing author. At this point, the moderate inside me was filling with rage; the civil conflict of American politics had come to my doorstep, rang the doorbell, and left a flaming bag full of dog shit on my welcome mat. God be damned if I wasn’t going to stomp it out and chase down the bastards behind this insidious prank on patriotic, libertarian, all-American sensibilities.

“This is book burning 2.0, folks!”- Alex Jones

My right to freedom of speech was being attacked from every angle. This book suddenly meant a lot more to me than a relaxing, weekend, re-read. It symbolized the one thing I would be willing to live and die for aside from my own blood. Social Liberty. It is a depressing and cloudy day in America when you cannot read a book because people don’t like it; meanwhile, soldiers are being sent to war to fight and die for your right to do just that. I was the first male in my family, ever, to not serve in any branch of the military. I was rejected a few years prior because of my problems with asthma. My father, grandfather, great-grandfather and so on all fought for my freedoms at one point. I am not about to stand back and allow it to be stripped from me. Today it starts with a book, tomorrow it’s your money, your car, your allegiance, your life. As I did research on literary bias in America Vault 7 (WikiLeaks) was released to the public. I couldn’t help but feel a comparison. These issues for me weren’t shocking per se, we all know what goes on behind closed doors in big Gov’t. It was more about the so-called “conspiracy theory” becoming confirmed fact. Vault 7 inspired me to take action against this travesty.

“No more,” says the peasant before the tank flattens him like a red communist flag.

As we know the website Breitbart, has recently been re-labeled “fake news” by critics and former supporters alike. However, Andrew died of a heart attack in 2012. So how can we blacklist his literature for political reasons? His literature bears no relation to the white supremacists on the commenting sections of the site that merely quote him out of context! I left the Breitbart site alone because, as a Hispanic American, some of the nastiest people I have ever met on the internet patronized and harassed me. The RP is a direct response to extremist ideas on the Alt-Right and the Liberal Left. These problems did not even begin to arise until Andrew’s death. Andrew was the chairman of GOProud, a conservative gay and lesbian organization. He appeared on many shows relating to black issues and supported black activist movements to their core. He supported Herman Caine in 2012. He introduced true progressive ideas to the conservative mind.

The alt-right are now labeled as angry, deplorable, white supremacists, yet it was intended to fight against that very dangerous mindset from day one. The mainstream media has pulled a Robin Hood for the true racists out there in the political realm and the constituency. They took the Breitbart identity and gave it to the minority ironically making the view mainstream (in context). How can you blame a dead man for any of this? You can’t, it is just another spin of propagandist rhetoric employed by the mainstream machine to trick people into believing the truest of libertarians are comparable to “Nazi zombies” from Call of Duty. “Shoot them all! Shut them all down,” screams the communist through the megaphone standing on his soapbox. Who are the real fascists, after all? Last time I checked the Republican Party belonged to the republic so why are donations being funneled through elite interest groups? Oh wait, that’s the ‘Democratic’ party. Silly me, even as Obama voters, many of us neo-right wingers found ourselves laughing at Pelosi and Clinton’s ignorance, even if we did inevitably follow them into the voting booth. This is an example of “reluctant voting” and it’s disgusting. No one should ever have to vote for any candidate (Clinton nor Trump) out of pure spite. At least I can say one thing about the Deplorables and Keks, they truly believe in the American way. The politically “correct” left can’t even decide on what is appropriate to label as the “American Dream” in the first place. God, forbid we use our right of free speech to make a politically incorrect ‘mistake’. Which party decides what is and isn’t politically correct in a bipartisan system?

Funny enough, the rejection, ignorance, and blacklisting of his literature prove his very point. If people want to stand up to Breitbart they should stock his books and allow young people to make up their own minds. The reason they do not is simple when people actually give Andrew’s books a chance they immediately realize what his objective was truly about, opposed to the posthumous tropes applied to his political aura. This simply is NOT fair. Even with FAFSA, the average student who pays for their education via private and Stafford Loans does not deserve to be patronized. We are young adults and we deserve the right to make up our own mind. As I walk into my campus library there is a case of featured books on the liberal arts, female sexuality, transgenderism and grass-roots in the Democratic Party. Even the Clinton museum has the decency to sell George W. Bush buttons for its Republican guests! Why is the right, specifically the alt-right, chastised in the academic setting?

Many younger millennials are strongly identifying with the Libertarian party. The (L) party has become a symbol for young moderates who value social liberties and small government. That is the definition of the alternative right-wing if I have ever seen it, however, the mainstream media and academia treat the (L) party and constituents as nothing more than Independents and pot-heads. While I do concede the “Pot-atarian” has become a problem for political branding, this is hardly an accurate nor fair depiction of our young future doctors, lawyers, governors, mayors, senators, presidents, and engineers. We need to stop patronizing, lambasting, berating and thought policing our youth. We need to allow young people to make up their minds and it all starts with giving them access to literature that may contain opposing views. Just because the country appears civilly divided, it does not mean we have to embrace this mind state. It is not okay for students to feel caught in the middle of a political cold war!

-Jay McCoy, Staff Writer and Founder of

Join us in the following weeks and months as we cover literary bias in America and please do share your own stories. If you would like your story featured, please contact us via the contact page!

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